Me and My Brain

Location based VR Installation

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Me and My Brain

Let your mind go live..


Let your mind go live!

Our brain. A miracle of precision, networks, control centers, chaos, poetry, structure, sounds and colors. Our brain is the almighty tool of individual and collective narration. We offer the individual human being and a group of participants access to their own brain. Science and art go hand in hand to make it possible to enter the cathedral of my own soul with the latest technology. Based on scientific brain models - generated through supercomputing - as well as especially developed patterns of interaction, we experience a visual spectacle of our neuronal world.

We are in the universe of the beginning and the end. We interact with our brain. Or it interacts with us. Where does free will come from? Is the fictitious only fictional? Or is there no separation between reality and fiction in the brain?

 After the personal experience of a stroke, we went on a path to discover the secrets of the brain and its incredible powers together with neurologists and artists. While art can draw insight from science; the poetic side of the brain also offers amazing insights to modern neuroscience. Together, we want to make it possible for everyone to leave the normal structures of narration in order to make the richness inherent in all of us stand out.

 For the first time, people will wander in their brains in wonder, interact and experience the almighty power of their own narration. A unique, magical approach to the essence of man.

Oliver Czeslik and Kathrin Brunner, May 2019

In the holistic project ME AND MY BRAIN art and science merge to form an experiential poetic
truth-image of reality that extends into the transcendent zone beyond the materially visible.
— Fred Kelemen (director)

An exclusive first impression of the experience can be arranged if you are seriously interested in our working process.