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We are working at the crossing lines of art, film and new realities to explore the future of narration. 



Projects in production/ development

Me & My Brain

A total work of art. An experience that transcends terms like reality and fiction. 

A scripted place to interact with my self.

An experience at the crosslines of art/film/science/virtual reality.

A church of my mind.

Together with renowned artists, filmmakers, neuroscientists, VR specialists and yourself we will explore the narration of your brain. More to come.


A 'classic avantgarde' movie. A triptychon of life and death. A journey into the inner and outer realities of three extraordinary personages. A history of heroes.

Two men and one woman show „superhuman“ achievements throughout time. Extreme personal risk plus the unselfishness of their actions determine their place in art, religion and political resistance. We become eyewitnesses, accomplices of three different stories that fully unfold only together, in their overlapping motives. Antonin Artaud. Jesus of Nazareth. Masha Brushkina.

Written by Oliver Czeslik

Director & Camera Fred Kelemen


Make rhizomes,...

...not roots, never plant! Don't sow, grow offshoots! Don't be one or multiple, be multiplicities! Run lines, never plot a point! Speed turns the point into a line! Be quick, even when standing still! Line of chance, line of hips, line of flight. Don't bring out the general in you! Don't have just ideas, just have an idea (Godard). Have short-term ideas. Make maps, not photos or drawings. Be the pink panther and your loves will be like the wasp and the orchid, the cat and the baboon.

Gilles Deleuze & Félix Guattari

A thousand plateaus, 1987, University of Minnesota

(Original 1980, by Les editions de Minuit, Paris)



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