About us

Oliver Czeslik and Kathrin Brunner bring  art, film and digital media together to explore what becomes of narration in a multidimensional and virtual world.

About mYndstorm

We are flooded with pictures, stories, videos, every day. In touch with people from all over the world. Entering virtual dimensions. 
This changes how we tell stories and perceive reality. Fiction and reality play together in a new way. 
mYndstorm is setting out to navigate these changes. 
We bring together arts, film, science and technology in a new way to produce mYndstorms.
Terms like ‘storytelling’ have become ubiquitous and meaningless. Let's try out what will be meaningful. In virtual and analogue worlds. Let's make it happen.
Come join our journey!



Dr. Kathrin Brunner

Digital Media, XR, Video on demand, Strategy.

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Oliver Czeslik

Film production, Theatre, Screenwriting, Teaching.