Film Concept. Museum/ Art Crossover

A 'classic avantgarde' movie. A triptychon of life and death.

A journey into the inner and outer realities of three extraordinary personages. A history of heroes.

Two men and one woman show „superhuman“ achievements throughout time. Extreme personal risk plus the unselfishness of their actions determine their place in art, religion and political resistance. We become eyewitnesses, accomplices of three different stories that fully unfold only together, in their overlapping motives.

Antonin Artaud. Jesus of Nazareth. Masha Brushkina.

Written by Oliver Czeslik

Director & Camera Fred Kelemen



Science Fiction

When science discovers that brainwaves produce a panoramic life review of significant events when a person dies, harnessing these "LastCasts" and watching them become a worldwide addiction.

To protect the woman he loves, a dying man commits a horrific, violent act in an attempt to replace a damaging secret he's sure will appear in his LastCast.

Script: Tony Moore, Oliver Czeslik

Original idea by Oliver Czeslik and Kathrin Brunner